Master of Science in Management Areas of Specialization Marketing.
Course readings are drawn from marketing and related fields on topics broadly labeled as having to do with marketing and society issues, including public policy and marketing, transformative consumer research, social marketing, macromarketing, and sustainable consumption. Mgmt 945 and Mgmt 948 Quantitative Models for Marketing QMM I and II: The seminars, QMMI and QMMII, are particularly valuable for M.Sc.
Marketing Undergraduate Admissions Carleton University Undergraduate Admissions Carleton University. Marketing Undergraduate Admissions Carleton University.
Gain critical thinking, analytical, decision-making and creative skills to effectively manage the development, pricing, promotion and distribution of products and services. Learn how to build and sustain high-value customer relationships in competitive environments. Marketing graduates pursue careers in marketing strategy, sales, advertising, product/brand management, customer relationship management, marketing research, public relations and e-commerce.
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